Enri and his maison

Maison d’ Enri was born out of love, the love of my father, a doctor, a surgeon, the CEO of the local hospital who, with his expert, trained, gentle hands changed the life of many people for the better.

My father was one of the most popular and respected surgeons of Puglia and what his patients loved about him, apart from his expertise, was his being gentle and kind to everybody.

He was an example to follow by many and what he loved above all, after his family and his children, was a place that he transformed into a spectacular villa where wellbeing was there to be found, both in the landscape and in the lay out of the house.

Large spaces, both indoors and outdoors, tall trees and nicely smelly bushes created the right atmosphere to slow down his crazy life rhythm and to find the place he could call home.

I, as a child, used to follow him wherever he went: I was his shadow, learning from him every single day.

But I was not him and I did not want to become a surgeon.

I left my beloved Puglia and found in Rome my new home, the place where my knowledge in marketing could become a job and there I stayed for years until, one day, the death of my father called me back and made me feel the urgency of my roots, the need to go back not for a day, not for some holidays in Salento, but for good.

I remember looking around me, seeing the beauty of my surroundings and having a real revelation: I was there to stay.

Yes, but to do what?

It was the time when Puglia and Salento were becoming a “must visit” destination, a place to experience, to explore and I felt that my villa and its beautiful 12 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms,

its garden,

 its park, its large and refreshing pool could be transformed into a Relais, where guests could find the right environment to live an authentic Apulian experience.

The place was there and all it needed was a name to be positioned on the world of luxury tourism, and the name came out spontaneously, naturally: La Maison d’Enri, www.maisondenri.com,

because that was the place where my father’s soul and energy were and could enrich my guests’ stay.

A villa with a masseria flavour, this is Maison d’Enri todaya place where we, together with our beloved guests live well, in peace and happiness.

Where I, Carla,

Enri’s daughter, no longer a child, but with a childish spirit that the French philosopher Rousseau would agree with, have created a formula of lifestyle, elegance and authenticity that is easily and immediately shared with our guests who soon and always become friends.

The citrus trees, the meadows with their delicious mushrooms, the pine wood trees, the palm trees and the olive trees to keep with the same passion and love you need to grow a child up, all spread around the 4 hectares’ land that surrounds the villa, contribute in providing the client with a peace and quiet feeling and a refreshing atmosphere rare to be found in Puglia.

I love considering life not as a path that leads you from A to B, but like a circle that takes you all around until it takes you back to the beginning or to what it may seem a new beginning and this is the line of reasoning I followed during the renovation works of Maison d’Enri, to give the house a new flavour, without loosing any of its authenticity.

This is why clients all over the world want to book at Maison D’Enri and live the Dolce Vita in Puglia.

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