True luxury is taking care of oneself and reclaiming one's balance.

The Nature House Maison D’enri’s nature house regales you with a holiday to get back in shape and relax in harmony with nature, a newfound balance in body and mind. 

Your path in the Maison depends only on your desire for well-being you will leave with the same enthusiasm but full of new energy and positive emotions.

Detox Paths, Rituals, Massages... all in maximum relaxation and followed by health professionals.

Nature as an experience

Regenerate in contact with Nature. Nature.

Maison D’Enri is a new way of experiencing Salento in the shade of our wonderful gardens.

In the three hectares of the park surrounding Maison d’Enri, as if to protect it from any disturbance that may come from outside:
A different life, a slow rhythm, a spiritual quiet in which the park and the house live in symbiosis
The plants that inhabit the Park provide shade, scents, flowers, and fruits; and from the garden, and the orchard, everything then passes into the house and the kitchen and then on to the table and ultimately to the rooms.

In the kitchen you'll find the fresh eggs from the chicken coop extra virgin olive oil that we apply to everything artistically
Each season Maison D’Enri releases an exclusive fragrance, To provide our guests with a sensory experience and a product of the small circular local economy.

Walk in the Park, stop to enjoy a conversation, or enjoy reading a book chosen from the Maison's on-site library.


Foot Ritual

  • refreshing and relieving foot bath with essential oils and lavender flowers;
  • purifying foot scrub with sea salt and almond oil;
  • reflexology foot massage.

Duration about 60 min | € 80.00

Ritual "find yourself" (body and mind)

  • 15 minutes of meditation in the pine forest;
  • Ayurvedic massage (50 min);
  • refreshing herbal tea.

Duration about 70 min | € 120.00

Multisensory Ritual

  • aromatherapy;
  • massage with a scented candle with oils and vegetable butter

Duration about 50 min | € 70.00

Body detox Ritual

  • detoxifying body scrub;
  • drainage massage;
  • detox juice.

 Duration about 70 min | € 100.00

Toning Ritual

  • ultra toning massage, focused on legs and abdomen;
  • cold bandage.

Duration about 75 min | € 120.00

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