Live a special event, Yours!

Your "special day"


The "most beautiful day of your life"

We often hear this phrase used to describe a wedding day, This often does not exhaustively explain the vibrant emotions a bride and groom experience on the day they choose to "crown" their dream on love.

By choosing Maison D'Enri in Gallipoli, one of the most authentic and truly genuine reflections of Salento, Nothing will be taken for granted, because everything will be tailored just for you: from the table layout, floral decorations by experts choosing colors and flowers based on your tastes and the story you want your event to tell; to the use of lights that will transform the park, garden, or veranda of Maison d'Enri into the place of your dreams.


It's easier than you imagine, to give life, body, and soul to your dreams.

All you need is an idea, and Carla our host, and lady of the house, who with grace, elegance, and discretion will follow you, step by step, to build, your wedding party or birthday party.

Medium-sized events, from 20 to 100 people, Are a perfect fit for Maison d'Enri, making your guests feel at home and part of a day that will remain in everyone's memory. This is what Carla, and Maison d'Enri, create for you, memories, indelible memories of a happy and perfect day, where the meticulous and precise attention to detail of our hostess will make organizing your event simple, smooth, stylish, and flawless..

Memories, as we know, are built together with family, SO the communion or confirmation party of Edoardo, Maria, Giovanni..., your child's party, becomes a moment to spend with the family that cherishes your children and will support them in their future growth.

Summertime is the time for outdoor parties, filled with music and scents, quality food, and fun. Maison d'Enri offers the perfect setting for a party to be enjoyed.

Let's create your party together

Contact me – at +39 335 53 90 553, or at +39 0833 82 21 76, or email, and let's create your party together.

I'm waiting for you Carla

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