There is an event to live here at Maison D’Enri, yours.

Your special day


The most beautiful day in your life

this is how the wedding day is usually and often described, with a series of common-sense sayings that little or nothing have to do with the strong and vibrant emotions that a bride and a groom live on that day of the year they have chosen to make their dream come true.

But, if you choose Maison d’Enri in Gallipoli, in the beautiful piece of land of Puglia known as Salento, there will be nothing “usual”, because everything will be cut to your size, from the table layout


To tell the truth our spaces need very little to become what you want, to give breath and life to your dreams,

All we need is you and Carla, our host, the soul of Maison d’Enri, the owner of the place, who with elegance, style and discretion will follow you, step by step, to build, together with you, your wedding reception or your birthday party.

Events of medium/ large size, from 2 to 100 people, will find at Maison d’Enri, the right location, to make your guests welcomed, as if they were at home, your home, to make them take part of a day that will live in everybody’s memories for ever. Because this is what Carla creates for you, memories; unforgettable memories of a perfect and happy day, where the attention to details, meticulous and precise of our host, will make the event organization smooth, simple, spotless and perfect.

But memories, we know, are built up with your family and here you are with the communion or confirmation celebration for Edoardo, Maria, Giovanni… your child’s party, that becomes at Maison D’Enri a time to spend with they who have seen your child growing up and they who will support his or her future inner growth.

Summer is approaching and with it, the summer parties, and events to be lived in the open air, between music and spectacular scents, between high quality food and entertainment and Maison d’Enri will provide you with the perfect frame for a party full of happiness and joy.

Let’s build your party together

Call me or send me a WhatsApp to +39 0833 822176- +39 335 5390553 or send me an e-mail to info@maisondenri and let’s build your event, together

I’ll wait for you, Carla

Torna in alto