At Maison, our local style focus can also be found in the Kitchen.

At the Maison, we favor seasonal products, prepared following recipes of traditional Salento cuisine 

A simple but tasty cuisine that accentuates the healthy aspects of food, focusing on genuine and seasonal produce, and choosing fresh ingredients from our garden or from local organic and sustainable producers. Extra virgin olive oil, cherry tomatoes, and aromatic herbs from our garden are the protagonists.

Ethics, sustainable philosophy, and "cruelty-free" characterize our culinary concept.

This is not a Restaurant but a service offered by Maison d'Enri on request by our personal Chef.


Your dining experience in Salento begins with Breakfast.

In the morning, your relaxing holiday in nature starts at Km 0 with a wonderful breakfast in the park or on the veranda.

Authentic flavors, health, taste, and local style are some of the details you will find at our set table.

Within this charming setting your experience of getting to know the territory begins with the flavors of the location, set for you at your table for breakfast in the park.

Thus begins the pleasant sensation of relaxing, while the palate rediscovers the taste of authenticity.

You can choose your breakfast, between either sweet, or savory:

In the fragrances of breads, bakery products, in the line of cheeses scented with herbs from pastures near the sea. 

In the fruits of the garden and orchard, in natural and detox herbal teas.

In our cakes, cookies, tarts, donuts... and homemade jams, all made with the freshness and taste of freshly picked fruits.

The experience of the "Frisa Salentina,"  Available even at breakfast with our extra virgin olive oil and cherry tomatoes, for an aperitif, or even at lunch with a taste of burrata,  this is an experience in itself.


Exclusive dining experiences

The lady of the house, having a particular taste and passion for set tables, offers a service of dinners, lunches, or exclusive events characterized by care in every detail for small groups but with attention to every detail in a personalized and elegant way.

This is also a way to feel at Home in the exclusivity of a green-oriented charming setting filled with elegance. Porcelain, hand-stitched antique tablecloths, crystal, and silver for your special occasion.

Imagine all these elements translated into dishes and recipes offered as palate experiences!

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