The Boutique Maison D'Enri is called ME, not only as an abbreviation of its name but because it is a reflection of Carla, the soul of the Maison.

A refined hostess, Carla shares with her guests the passion and taste for homeware, clothing and a selection of everything authentic that can be found in Salento.

It is a small Boutique, an almost secret place, in a private corner of the house overlooking the park.

Upon entering, illuminated by the somptuous lights, you are surrounded by a taste of everything elegant you would expect to buy in Puglia.

A sensory experience of lights, fragrances, special textiles with a background melody of cicadas will give you a unique feeling.

Touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing… every sense is involved and affected.

Carla’s Boutique is a sensory experience as well.

A niche of pleasure and taste where it is nice to hole up and where you can also find something to take away to give as a gift or treat yourself to the memory of a wonderful, unforgettable holiday.

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