Maison D'Enri's boutique was given the name ME, not just as an abbreviation of the Maison's name but because it seems to reflect Carla, the soul of the Maison.

As a refined hostess, Carla shares with her guests her passion and taste for local products, clothing, and a selection of everything authentically found in Salento.

It is a small boutique, almost a secret place, tucked away in a reserved corner of the house overlooking the park.

Upon entering, illuminated by the twinkling lights, you are surrounded by everything you would expect to find in Puglia, characterized by elegance.

It's a sensory experience of lights, scents, and special fabrics, accompanied by the background melody of cicadas, offering a unique sensation. 

Touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing... every sense is engaged and interested.

Yes, Carla's boutique is also a sensory experience.

A niche of pleasure and taste where it's lovely to hide away and also to find something to take with you as a memory of a wonderful, unforgettable vacation.

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