Bike Tourism is not a trend, it is a reality at Maison D’Enri.

It is a new way of exploring, knowing, experiencing the world.

Bikers come from all over the world and go all over the world, always looking for itineraries to discover and new places to visit with an altogether different attitude.

They may be trained differently, they may speak different languages, they may have different tastes, they may be able to do 50/70/150 kms per day, but what they have in common is the passion for a slower rhythm, a rhythm provided by their own legs pushing on the pedals.

That’s why Bike Tourism goes under the umbrella of slow tourism and under tourism, a way of travelling far from the madding crowd and into authentic places and spots; a way to meet local people and get to know them in person.

Bikers are not common tourists. They want more. They see more.

No bikers will ever complain if the weather is not perfect for sunbathing, since their way to sunbath is to sun bask while riding their bike and the sun is warming up their faces, their bodies invigorating them with a send of unparalleled freedom that no holidays can create.

Bikers find in Puglia the perfect match between environment and landscapes where the human touch, throughout the centuries has made the difference. Hills, mountains, country roads, village roads will make their daily itinerary to move from one place to another and will make their coming back to Maison D’ Enri

an absolute pleasure, the cherry on their cake, the place that will pamper them, feed them, relax them and make them ready for the next day adventure.

The bike, their bike, never a piece of luggage to them, at Maison d’Enri will not only be a means to go from A to B, but it will be welcomed or provided upon request, as their personal companion, treated and taken care of with the maximum care, using all the technical tools to make it perfectly efficient for the next day ride.

We, at Maison d’ Enri, your boutique hotel in Gallipoli, believe in Slow Tourism, we believe in quality tourism, that’s why we decided to join the prestigious network known all over Europe as Luxury Bike Hotels, where the needs of the luxury bikers are being taken under serious consideration and met with.

Born from two visionary and clever ladies, bikers themselves and knowledgeable in the luxury segment, Luxury Bike Hotels nowadays boasts a portfolio of spectacular properties all around Italy, where bikers may find anything, they may need, not only for their own wellbeing, but also for their bike’s “wellbeing” and care and Maison D’ Enri is very proud to have been selected to become a member.

The launch of our partnership took place at the recent edition of Bit in Milan, where a selected number of journalists have joined a press conference organized for that purpose and this is where our journey starts, with them, with whoever believes in tourism as an experience to live the way you want to live.

It is time to prepare and get ready for another adventure, it is time to book your stay and drive your way to

Torna in alto